Java Programming

About Us

Dana has been programming computers in a multitude of languages for 35 years, with the last 20 years focused on Java. She has worked in many industries, from writing shrink-wrapped software with a Silicon Valley software shop, billing and integration systems for the telecommunications industry, to redesigning core commodities exchange systems for the world's oil, sugar, and precious metals markets. She is also credited with the invention of SPF, one of the key tools used by the world to combat spam email.

Java Tutoring

Whether you're a college student seeking homework/study help for a Java course, or just need a self-study mentor, Dana is happy to help via Skype at an affordable hourly rate.

Java Programming

Being semi-retired, Dana is always looking for interesting opportunities. It really just depends on her interest in the project, but she can do remote contract work, and might even consider pro-bono work in exchange for an ownership interest in a product. Dana is a United States citizen, and does not require sponsorship to be employed in the United States.

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